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Community Partners

Partnerships and Collaborative Community Engagement

Partnerships and collaborative community engagement are vital to identifying the needs of communities and required to identify changes and improvements to programs and services to best meet the needs of communities. Successful collaborative community engagement ensures all voices of the community are included and engaged.  Ensuring individuals from all populations (i.e., populations from different racial, ethnic, religious, financial class, etc.) are engaged in community engagement will lead to more successful and equitable resources, services, and programs. 

District 4 Public Health uses the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) framework to organize for success by developing partnerships to encourage collaborative community engagement.  MAPP is an interactive, community-driven strategic planning process to improve the performance of local public health systems and the community’s health.  Learn more about MAPP here.

Partnerships and collaborative community engagement during times such as COVID-19 can be challenging. Read “Engaging With Communities-Lessons (Re)Learned From COVID-19” to learn more about successful collaborative community engagement during challenging times.  

Community Health Assessments

District 4 Public Health developed new Community Health Assessments (CHAs) using the mySidewalk platform. The new CHAs were published August 12, 2022, and provide the community and partners with a wealth of information and data for District 4 and its 12 counties. The community and partners should use the CHAs to better understand the health status and social determinants that impact the health of the communities we serve.  Additionally, the CHAs are intended to assist the community and partners in program planning and decision making.  If you have comments, questions, or concerns regarding the CHA, or if your organization would like to contribute additional data to the CHA, please contact Miranda Helms, Quality Improvement and Accreditation Coordinator, District 4 Public Health at Miranda.Helms@dph.ga.gov

Public Data Resources

The following public resources provide access to data for a variety of areas and health indicators.

County Health Rankings
Kids Count

Community Assets and Resources

Click on one of the below counties to find a list of community assets and resources.