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Protecting and improving the health of our community.

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Well Water

District 4 is responsible for issuing permits, conducting bacterial analysis, and evaluating wellhead protection for non-public wells. Our goal is to minimize water-related illnesses by providing guidance and technical assistance for installation, protection, evaluation, chlorination, sampling and abandonment of wells. These are essential steps to safeguard public health and reduce the potential for exposure to harmful contaminants.

Commercial Wells

Commercial establishments with wells, such as food service operations, tourist accommodations and swimming pools, must have drinking water that meets applicable Georgia codes.

Review Process for Non-Public Water Supply
Sampling Requirements

For food and water-related illnesses, please file a complaint or contact your county’s Environmental Health Office.

Individual and Private Wells

To install a private well, please complete this application (Waiting on application from D4) and submit to your local environmental health office.

Private wells must meet basic criteria for construction and use a licensed water well contractor. Click here for a list of licensed well drillers. When choosing a location, the well should be as far removed from known or potential sources of pollutants as the surroundings permits, and it should not be in areas subject to flooding. Environmental Health recommends a bacterial test every year and a chemical screening every 3 years. If a well has not been used for 3 years, the present owner is responsible for filling, sealing and plugging it.

Click here for further guidance on private well installation, maintenance, sampling and abandonment.