District 4 Public Health News

DPH Will Resume J&J Vaccinations in Georgia

DPH Will Resume J&J Vaccinations in Georgia Timeline to be Determined Atlanta – Following a thorough safety review, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the CDC and ACIP have determined that the recommended pause regarding the use of the J&J COVID vaccine in the U.S. should be lifted. The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) will again offer J&J vaccine to Georgians aged 18...

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If you received Johnson & Johnson vaccine

If you received the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine, your risk of having a blood clot is also very low and that risk will decrease over time. Contact your healthcare provider and seek medical treatment urgently if you develop any of the following symptoms: Severe headache Backache New neurologic symptoms Severe abdominal pain Shortness of breath Leg swelling Tiny red spots on the...

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DPH Follows FDA and CDC Guidance and Pauses J&J Vaccinations in Georgia

April 13th, 2021 Atlanta – Following the guidance and recommendations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) is pausing J&J (Janssen) vaccinations in Georgia until further notice. The FDA and CDC are reviewing data involving six reported cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot...

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