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District 4 Public Health - Adult Immunization

Getting vaccinated against common infections is the best way to keep from getting sick and spreading diseases. There are many vaccines that the CDC recommends based on age, lifestyle, health condition and more.

Grade School Requirements

Click here to learn more about our Child Immunization program for children entering grade school.

College Requirements

Please contact your school for information on their immunization requirements.

Travel Vaccines

Click here to learn about our Travel Health program.

Vaccines and Pregnancy

Click here to learn more about the suggested immunizations for women who are pregnant or planning to conceive.

Immunization Records

Click here to learn how to keep an accurate and up-to-date personal vaccination record in cases where your health care circumstances change, such as moving or changing providers.


District 4 clinics offer all appropriate vaccines you need to protect yourself against diseases. These vaccines include:


District 4’s Immunization services are open to any adult over age 19 who has minimal or no insurance. The administration fee for each vaccine is $21.93.