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Body Art – Tattoos & Piercings

District 4 Public Health - Body Art

Body Art is an art form that uses the human body as a medium. It includes, but is not limited to, tattooing, piercing and microblading. Body Art has become a popular practice through out the United States and the world. The Georgia Department of Public Health regulates many of the body art practices due to the possible spread of bacterial infections and blood-born pathogens such as Hepatitis.

Georgia Department of Public Health is responsible for regulating Body Artists and Body Art Studio by administering permits, performing routine inspections, and investigating complaints. Our goal is to ensure that tattoos and piercings are administered in a safe, healthy environment for both the artist and customer.

The legal authority is Chapter 16-5-71 and Chapter 31-40 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated relating to preventing certain piercings of the bodies of minors without the consent of a parent or guardian.

Body Art Studio Permits

Body Art Studios are regulated by the Environmental Health Office on the local level. To acquire a permit for a body art studio, please submit the following to your local county’s Environmental Health Office via mail:

Body Artist Licenses

Body artists are regulated through Georgia DPH’s Environmental Health Office. Artists will need to take and pass the State of Georgia Body Art Exams for their specific field of work. Once the exam is passed the artist will be contacted by the State Environmental Health Office and asked to complete an on-line application. 

The below items will be required:

  • A copy of a Government Issued ID
  • A signed and notarized Verification of Residency Form
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training Certificate
  • First Aid Training Certificate
  • CPR Training Certificate
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Status

Applicants for a Body Art License must also pass a Departmental Body Art Exam. Please contact your local Environmental Health Office for more information.