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Food Service

District 4 Public Health - Food Service

Restaurant Scores

Environmental Health inspections help protect the public. Click here to search for the inspection scores of establishments near you.

Food Service Permits Applications

For applicants who wish to operate a new food service establishment, or if there is a change of ownership to an existing food service establishment. Applicants must also complete the required packet if the project involves structural modifications, unless prior approval has been obtained from the health authority.

The organizer and vendors for a temporary food service event must submit this application 30 days before the event.

Mobile and Extended Food Service/Food Trucks

Pop-up Food Services
A Pop-up Food Service operation is coordinated through a Facilitator within a building or enclosed courtyard, not to exceed 3 hours in one day. A separate permit is NOT required for “pop-up” food service operations, only a Letter of Approval issued by the Health Authority.

For more information contact your local Environmental Health Office.

Food Service Establishment Modification Application

To initiate a modification or remodel of an existing food service establishment, complete and submit this application at least 14 business days in advance and obtain approval from your local Environmental Health Office.

Georgia Department of Public Health Variance Information

If you would like to apply for variance of the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Rules and Regulations for Food Service, you will need to complete the below request. Once completed it it will need to be submitted to your local Environmental Health Office for preliminary review.

Certified Food Safety Manager Course

Georgia Public Health requires all Food Service Establishments to have a minimun of one Certified Food Safety Manager. Click here for a list of accredited programs or contact your local Environmental Health Office for more information. 

Food Safety During Emergencies

Food Service Establishments: If a water service interruption lasts longer than two hours, food service operations should stop serving food and beverages, unless it has an emergency operations plan approved by the local health department.