Dear Parents/Guardians,

TEEN MAZE is designed to be an interactive event that not only engages students, but parents and guardians as well. We understand that things like sexual health and drinking may be tough topics for ANYONE to discuss. That’s why TEEN MAZE is so important! TEEN MAZE gives students the opportunity to engage with medical professionals and other knowledgeable volunteers and discover first-hand the consequences of engaging in risky behaviors.

So here’s how it works:
Students are separated into groups and randomly draw a script at the beginning of TEEN MAZE. The scripts will determine where they will go next in the maze. Some will have encounter peer pressure to engage in sex and will find out possible consequences. Others may be placed in our Mock Jail as a result of drinking and driving or texting while driving. The ultimate goal is for all of our teens to graduate.

Permission Forms:

In order for your 9th grader to participate in TEEN MAZE, they MUST RETURN A PERMISSION FORM! Please complete and return the form below for your student!

TEEN MAZE Permission Form