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Priority Groups for COVID-19 Vaccination Phases

Updated 1/6/21

The following lists are not all-inclusive and will be reviewed and updated throughout the response as needed.

Current Phase: 1a
We are still vaccinating individuals in phase 1a, and do not yet know when we will move to the next phase. Please check this page frequently for updates.

Phase 1: Very Limited COVID-19 Vaccine Availability
Phase 1a

Update: On December 30, 2020, Governor Brian Kemp and Commissioner Kathleen Toomey, M.D., M.P.H., announced plans to add adults aged 65 and older, law enforcement officers, firefighters and first responders to the current group of individuals eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccination.

The expanded administration of vaccine is expected to begin within the next week provided there is adequate vaccine supply available. Find a vaccine site near you here. Check back frequently for updates.

Phase 1a will include paid and unpaid persons serving in a healthcare setting who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials. Examples include:

Hospital staff,
Public health clinical staff
EMS and other first responders who respond to medical calls,
Long term care facility (LTCF) staff,
LTCF residents,
Urgent care facility staff,
Staff in clinical settings (e.g., physicians, nurses, pharmacists, EMS, laboratory staff, environmental services, LTCF staff etc.)
Phase 1a was expande

Healthcare Providers: If you need assistance vaccinating your employees, please click the button below to access our provider enrollment survey for COVID-19 vaccination of healthcare workers in District 4 Public Health.

Provider Survey for COVID-19 Vaccination

Phase 1b

Phase 1b will include other essential workers and people at higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness. Examples include:

Critical workforce employees (e.g., pharmacy staff, educational faculty and staff, correctional facility staff, court employees, food processors, grocery store workers, transportation staff, nuclear power plant employees, air traffic controllers, etc.)
Phase 1c

Phase 1c will include people at higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness, not vaccinated during Phase 1a or Phase 1b. Examples include:

Adults 65 and older and their caregivers
Adults below age 65 with comorbidities
Phase 2: Limited COVID-19 Vaccine Availability
Individuals in homeless shelters
Individuals in congregate settings (e.g., dormitories, group homes)
Staff and individuals in jails, prisons, detention centers
Other people living in congregate settings
All adults age 31-64
Phase 3: Increased COVID-19 Vaccine Availability
Workers in industries important to the functioning of society and at moderate risk of exposures as listed in executive orders (e.g., hairstylists, barbers, restaurant employees, etc.)
Young adults age 18-30
Phase 4: Vaccine Supply Widely Available
Everyone residing in Georgia for whom the vaccine is recommended
Children once vaccine is approved for pediatric use