This program provides breast screening/re-screening and diagnostic services to women, targeting those ages 40-64 who are within 200% of the federal poverty level and uninsured/underinsured. Health Department nurses provide clinical breast exams and pelvic exams as well as education regarding effective self-breast exam and healthy life style choices. Clients are referred to certified mammography facilities for screening and diagnostic mammography procedures. Partnerships with area surgeons enable clients in need of biopsies to get these services at a reduced cost. In the event that cancer is diagnosed, health department staff assists clients to apply for Women’s Health Medicaid coverage, which covers all forms of treatment.

The program also provides cervical screening for ages 21-64 and allocates state funds for the diagnostic follow-up if Pap smear is abnormal. Follow-up is based upon the policies and procedures outlined by the BCCP Program. Follow-up is mandated for clients in all women’s health programs.

For more information contact Women’s Health at 706.845.4035.