School-Based Dental Program

The Georgia Oral Health Prevention Program (GOHPP) of District 4 Public Health provides school-based dental prevention services to a 12-county region and focuses on providing services to underprivileged children that have no insurance or access to care issues.

A School-Based Dental Program can be provided at your Head Start or Elementary schools to provide cavity preventing services. A dental clinic is set up inside the school with a portable dental chair and equipment.

Every child that has written permission to participate will receive a dental screening and fluoride varnish application. If they have their adult molars in, we will put sealants on to protect those teeth.


Sealants are thin, clear or white plastic coatings. They seal off the dips and grooves on the top of the teeth. This keeps bacteria and food from getting caught and causing cavities. The sealant is painted on the tooth and hardened with a light that is shined on the tooth.

Sealants are put on the back top and bottom teeth (molars). These are the teeth that get the most cavities. The first set of adult molars start to come in by age 6, the second ones around age 12!

For the school-based sealant program your Medicaid, Peachcare or other dental insurance will be billed for these services, however families will not be billed for any services !!

Every child that is screened will receive a screening results form to take home to their parents along with a toothbrush.

Dental Clinics

District 4 Public Health has two dental clinics that accept all forms of Medicaid and Peachcare coverage for both children and adults.

For the uninsured a sliding-scale fee program is available. Applications must be submitted with all documentation before an appointment can be scheduled. Applications are available here or can be picked up at the Heard & Lamar County Health Departments.

The clinics are open 1-2 days a week and provide:
• Exams
• X-rays
• Cleanings
• Sealants
• Fillings
• Extractions

To schedule an appointment call (706) 845-4035 or (800) 847-4262 and a staff member will assist you.

Heard County Dental Clinic
1191 Franklin Parkway
Franklin, GA
(706) 675-3456 Health Dept. phone
(706) 675-6795 Fax

Lamar County Dental Clinic
100 Academy Drive
Barnesville, GA
(770) 358-1483 Health Dept. phone
(770) 358-1258 Fax

The dental contact is:

Paige Spiece, RDH
Cell: (770) 317-8335