Nutrition Education is one of the many benefits WIC has to offer families. Our WIC agency offers free nutrition and health education in an interactive environment, making the learning experience more fun, engaging and meaningful. You can select to receive the education one-on-one with a WIC staff or join a group of parents for an interactive group discussion on a topic. You select how you want to receive the information.

WIC participants receive education on a variety of different topics under the following categories:

  • Online Nutrition Education Modules: Don’t have time to come to the clinic? This option allows you to complete your Nurtition Education from home, a public computer like the library, or your visit your WIC clinic to use our new participant computers.
  • Cooking Classes: Have you always wanted to learn to cook healthy meals on a budget? Click to see our schedule and sign up!
  • Feeding Your Infant (FYI) Discussion Groups:  Click to attend one of our FYI group discussions with other WIC Moms to learn more about infant feeding choices!
  • One-On-One Counseling with a Registered Dietician: Click to make your appointment!
  • All About WIC: This interactive class is for new or current WIC clients. Learn about how the program works, what it can do for your family and how to use WIC vouchers at the store. Click to see our schedule and sign up.
  • Talk With Me Baby: “The number of loving words a baby hears in the first three years of life makes a big difference. “




USDA is an equal opportunity provider.