Around this time every year, people begin to grow weary of the goals they set for the new year. This year, District 4 wants you to be successful in your 2016 goals-particularly your health and fitness ones. The following tips are practical things that will easily fit into your daily routines. Some you may already know, some you may not- but they all will lead you to healthier lifestyle which is the most important part.  Follow these metabolism booster secrets to get the most out of your 2016 fitness goals!


1. Build Muscle
          1 pound of muscle burns 35-50 calories/day (1 pound of fat burns 2 kcal/day)
2. Increase workout intensity
          Do more this month than you did last month
          Increase: distance, speed, number of workout sessions, weight lifted
3. Drink more water
          MINIMUM of 1.5 L/100 pound body weight (ex: 200 pound man needs 3L+/day)
4. Drink COLD water
5. Eat breakfast
           Be sensible – low fat, high protein SMALL meal
6. Eat often – mini meals
7. Spice up your meals – hot peppers, ginger, black pepper
8. Eat more protein
9. Drink coffee and tea – especially green tea
10. Avoid stress and sleep well!
           Aim for 6+ hrs sleep/24 hr period
         < 5 hrs/night doubles your chance of being obese, and increases stress levels
11. Check your meds – some can increase appetite or weight gain
12. Don’t sit still
          Stand instead of sitting
          Move instead of staying still
13. Avoid dietary supplements & fad diets
          All diets work…until you go off them!
          Dietary supplements can contain ANYTHING, and won’t help you lose weight