This Valentine’s Day celebrate love and life with your heart in mind.

  1. Instead of tempting your sweetie with sweets show off your creative side. Buy a variety of naturally sweet fresh fruits of your choice that are in season. Cut the fruit into pieces and dip them into melted dark chocolate. Dark-chocolate covered fruit are a great alternative to a traditional box of chocolates and are full of vitamins & antioxidants.
  2. Quality time is one of the most meaningful gifts. Plan to do something together that keeps you both moving. Go for a walk, bicycle ride or plan something more adventurous.
  3. Cooking at home is an excellent way to control what and how much you eat. Heart-healthy and recipe ideas.
  4. Have little Valentine’s? Take a few minutes to make fruit & cheese kabobs. All you need is cut fruit, low-fat cheese, toothpicks, and sweet little love quotes to assemble a deliciously colorful fruit and cheese kabob for your sweetheart. Stick a little paper love note at the top of each kabob to make each one special.
  5. Give to one another by giving back. Ask your love to volunteer with you at a local organization. Giving back is a healthy habit that can boost your mood and help beat stress.
  6. Use this day as an opportunity to tell your loved one how important they are to you, and share ways that you can support each other’s health and wellness. Get started by learning your numbers and why they are important.
  7. Sharing is caring – if you go out for a romantic dinner date, order one entrée to share or ask for a to-go box up front. Many restaurant servings are enough for two – splitting will keep you from overdoing it.
  8. Take it slow – if you receive an indulgent box of chocolates from your sweetie, stick it in the freezer and enjoy in moderation over the next several weeks.
  9. Technology for your heart – There are so many wearable fitness monitors on the market right now.
  10. Instead of buying a traditional bouquet of grocery store flowers, visit the produce section and create a colorful bouquet of edible flowers and plants that promote good health and may be given as a gift option.