new building outside 2

Front Entrance on Main Street

It would be an understatement to say that District 4 staff are excited about their new building. Moving locations from the Gordon Commercial site had been in the making for quite some time. Newnan, Hogansville and even other parts of LaGrange were considerations leading up to this perfect downtown fit. However, few were holding their breaths that this move would actually come to fruition- but it did- just two years after Dr. Obasanjo stepped into the role of District 4’s Health Director.  “Being under Dr. O.’s leadership, I knew this was the real thing,” said Cassandra Peterson, District 4’s Human Resources Analyst. What had been years of a rumor has now become our reality.

new building inside 1

Chiquita Jackson and Bobbie Acevedo (WIC Call Center)

                The most exciting part about this move is the location. We are now in the heart of LaGrange, closer to this community, closer to our homes, out in the open and more visible for everyone else to see. Even at the beginning stages of the building, just after the old fire station had been torn down, we were already bringing folks to see. In August of 2015, District 4 was privileged to host a District Health Director’s Meeting and excited to show other Districts our new building location and plans.  Mr. Speer Burdette, President and General Manager of Callaway Foundation, Inc., referenced the economic impact of District 4’s move to Downtown LaGrange, bringing approximately fifty more people during the work week to enjoy the local restaurants and quaint shops.  “One of the things I am looking forward to most about this particular location is that if I want to go uptown to sit on the square and enjoy the fountain during my break, I can!” says Bobbie Acevedo, District 4’s WIC Call Center Customer Service Representative.

new building outside 3

Front View on Main Street Coming Into Town

Aside from the location being perfect, the building itself has already shown to be a positive shift. District 4’s Administrative Assistant for Children’s 1st, Elliette Moncada, said that she is looking forward to being closer to other program staff whom she would not have interacted with to such a degree in the other building. We went from two buildings joined by a breezeway, to this single building where we are actually in contact and daily communication with people that we have been working with for years but never saw. More highlights of this building that staff are enjoying are all the windows, the open space, newness, greatly improved security and a beautiful sign that makes a statement as people come into town.

new building inside 2

James Townsend and Chris Miller (District I.T.)

We are happy the move is over and looking forward to all of the new possibilities this location, building and the staff that comprise it will bring. “I suspect an increase in productivity,” says Amy Nixon, District 4’s Human Resources Transactions and Benefits Coordinator. Having a new facility gives a fresh start. It makes employees feel appreciated and valued which, in turn, improves the effectiveness of us being able to lead the way for our communities to live healthier and safer lives. District 4 strives to provide easier access to quality health services, engage in strong community partnerships, and promote healthy behaviors for everyone that we serve; we are all excited to do this with a brand new start.

You are invited to join us on July 29th at 11:30 a.m. for our ribbon cutting and open house at 301 Main Street.