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Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination.

District 4 Public Health - COVID19
1. Who is included in the Phase 1a rollout of the vaccine?
Healthcare workers in clinical settings, Staff and residents of long-term care facilities All law enforcement and fire personnel, Adults aged 65 and older (and their caregivers as applicable).
2. Can I go to any county?
Yes, you can go to any county.
3. Is an appointment needed?
Yes, an appointment must be scheduled to receive the vaccine at this time.
4. How can we register for an appointment?
Call 762-888-8180. Call center hours will be 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday.
5. What if I cannot get through on the phone and once, I do the que is full and I have to start over?
We hear your frustration. People are getting through. We have a large team answering calls. Please don’t give up.
6. Is there another way to register other than the appointment line?
The only way we have currently is the appointment line 762-888-8180.
7. Where can I see what counties still have appointments left?
Please check here.
8. If I sent in the form online to get a vaccine, will someone call me with an appointment?
We have a team of individuals calling people back from the forms. As appointments open, we start calling people from the forms submitted however we are finding many people are not answering their phones or have already called in and made an appointment.
9. I received my first dose; can I schedule my second dose now?
We are currently working on revamping our scheduling system. We plan to begin scheduling appointments for second doses in the near future. We recognize the first round of appointment scheduling was not ideal. Please be patient with us as we work to improve our process.
10. When will you open more clinics?
We will work on opening more appointments as vaccine becomes available.
11. Will you let us know when more appointments are available?
Yes, please check our website and social media frequently for updates.
12. How do I know if I have an appointment?
If you spoke to a person and you were given an appointment time then, yes, you have an appointment.