Congratulations Troup County’s Public Health Educator, TiShari McFarland, and District 4’s Adult Health Coordinator, Sanda McFadden, for receiving first place in the Georgia Department of Public Health’s state-wide “Pregnancy Prevention Month” poster competition. TiShari McFarland designed the Family Planning poster for Teen Pregnancy Prevention. The Georgia Department of Public Health’s Maternal Child Health Section and the Women’s Health Program recognized District 4 and staff for demonstrating the most innovative strategy in teen pregnancy prevention. TiShari used Troup County’s Teen Maze concept to demonstrate how Troup County reaches out to the teens, works in collaboration with internal and external partners, and how this includes low marketing cost ideas. Congratulation to TiShari and District 4!

Click here for information about Troup County’s Teen Maze. For more information regarding Adult Health, click here.



TiShari McFarland (left) and Sanda McFadden (right)