Steps to Enroll as CLOSED Dispensing
You often plan for the unexpected — anticipating events and managing situations at hand. Local public health agencies take the same approach to protecting the health and safety of our community. In today’s post-9/11 and -Katrina world, collaboration is more important than ever in the areas of emergency preparedness and homeland security.
As we build this bridge of mutual communication and alliance, we’re calling on you to help protect your organization, your employees, residents or members and our community by making your organization a Closed Dispensing Site. Taking a few small steps now to prepare for future public health emergencies will not only protect your assets, but also help prepare the entire community to respond effectively.

District 4 Public Health is inviting businesses, organizations, and agencies to enroll in the SNS Closed Dispensing Site Program. A “closed dispensing site” serves a defined group of people—usually the employees, employee family members, and patients or students or inmates of the organization or business. A closed dispensing site is not open to the public.

The Closed Dispensing Site Program is a “Win-Win” situation for your agency or business and for public health. Enrolling your agency or business as a closed dispensing site ensures that your employees and employee family members are protected by having access to the needed medication. This ensures that your employees will be able to continue working or return to work quickly. Your employees will not have to take time off work and report to an open public dispensing site.

Closed Dispensing Sites will relieve some of the pressure on the public dispensing sites by reaching specific portions of the community. As a result, long lines and public anxiety can be reduced and resources can be used more efficiently.

In order to participate in the Closed Dispensing Site Program, your agency or business will need to:
Complete a Closed Dispensing Site Program Enrollment Form.
• Have medical personnel available who can legally dispense medication in the state of Georgia. The medical personnel also will ensure that the proper health, safety, and privacy measures are     being observed.
• Be willing to dispense medication to your employees, employee family members, and patients / students / inmates.
• Be willing to share contact information and estimated numbers with public health in advance.
• Have a plan and an identified location for the closed dispensing site.

If you have any questions or want additional information about the Closed Dispensing Site Program, please contact:

Xavier Crockett
Office of Emergency Preparedness
District 4 Public Health
Cell: 706-350-0281