The WIC program wants “ALL ABOUT WIC” orientation to be a positive and useful experience for WIC families. We want to warmly welcome participants to the program and help them feel good about their participation in the program-to have a good first impression of WIC services, staff and the WIC environment. We want them to be able to successfully shop with WIC vouchers so they will come back!

The WIC program needs to review with WIC families federally required orientation information. We want to make sure that participants understand their roles and responsibilities in the WIC program.

WIC participants need to practice shopping for WIC foods in a safe and fun environment. WIC has heard that, at times, the shopping experience is less than positive for WIC families and for grocers. Grocers have requested that participants be more prepared and WIC families have requested some practice shopping, since shopping can be confusing for them. Sometimes, participants may not be redeeming all their vouchers because they are unsure of what they can buy.

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