District 4 Environmental Health food protection staff permits and inspects restaurants, caterers and other food service establishments every year. The permitting process combined with regular inspections and continuing education allows local Boards ofHealth to set and maintain a high standard for food quality in each county.

You can now check food service scores for all restaurants in District 4 online.

Rules and Regulations Governing Food Service(511-6-1)

Rule Changes/Additions- Summary Brochure

Equipment Spec Sheet (see Appendices K)

Food Code Spec Sheet

FDA Employee Health and Personal Hygiene Handbook

FoodService Manuals:
* These manuals are living documents subject to ongoing revisions, based on new interpretations, technologies, and/or new science related to food safety.

Click here for the Interpretation Manual and the Design, Installation and Construction Manual

Training Information:

Accredited Certification Programs

Permit application food service establishments and mobile food service operations
Opening a restaurant? This application must be filled out entirely, in duplicate, and forwarded to the County Health Department in which the facility is located.
Food Service Permit/Variance Applications