Restaurant Inspection Application for use in all counties

Food Service Rules and Documents

Application for Tourist Accommodation for use in all counties

Hotel/Motel, Campground/RV Park, Bed and Breakfast Inn

Georgia Body Art Criminal Code

Official Code of Georgia Criminal Body Art Acts Law

Applications for use in Lamar County

Adding a Pool to Your Property; Relocation of a Mobile home; remodel/addition to structure
Bacterial Test for Private Wells
Letter for Property Closing/Adoption
Installation of a New Well
Installation of a New Septic System for an Existing House
Installation of a New Septic System for a New House

Applications for use in Pike County

Adding a Pool to Your Property
Letter for property closing/adoption
Installation of a new septic/well or a replacement well
Application for Septic Repair/Lot Soil Suitability
Bacterial Test for Private Wells

Applications for use in Fayette County

Adding a pool to your property
Installation of a new septic system or septic repair
Letter for property closing and well water testing
Approval for Construction (additions & accessory structures)
Application for Body Artists
Body Art Studio Application
Public Benefits Affidavit
Temporary Food Service Application

Applications for use in Meriwether County

Installation of a New Well
Application for existing septic system evaluation and/or well water testing
Installation of New/Repair Septic System
Meriwether County Now Requires a LEVEL THREE SOIL SURVEY for all NEW SEPTIC Applications

Applications for use in Upson County

Septic System Application for Repairs
Well and Septic Evaluation Application
Septic System Application for New Installations

Applications for use in Henry County

Adding a Pool to Your Property
Application for Body Artist
Body Art Studio Application
Body Artist Physician’s Certificate
Body Art Studio Plan Review Packet
Hepatitis B Vaccination Declination Form
Septic Tank Repair Permit
Site Review for Septic Tank Permit
Well Permit
Onsite Inspection Request
Public Pool Application and Plan Review
Public Pool Plan Review Requirements

Applications for use in Coweta County

Commercial On-Site Permit
Commercial On-Site Repair Permit
Residential On-Site Permit
Residential On-Site Repair Permit
Water Sample Test
Well and/or Septic Certification Letter
Well Permit

Applications for use in Spalding County

Body Art Studio Application
Well Water Sample
Cost Page
Site Approval