Environmental Health staff work on multiple programs daily to keep the community healthy. Here we provide information on some of the many programs we cover along with rules and regulations guiding those programs. Our goal is to prevent illness through education, surveillance, and enforcement. See the District 4 Environmental Health Indicators Report outlining prevention indicators and identified target areas.

Swimming Pools

All public pool, spa or recreational water parks must obtain a valid operating permit from the local health authority. Environmental Health inspects these facilities and trains staff to minimize illnesses and injuries associated with contaminated or hazardous conditions in or around swimming pools.

Rules and Regulations governing Swimming Pools (290-5-57):
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Sewage Management – click here for information.

Chemical Hazards Program
This program provides technical assistance, health consultations and health assessments of identified hazardous waste sites.
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Where to Find Information About Mold
E.P.A. Websites:

CDC Website information on mold